Enhance your professional skills and stay updated on the latest tools of the trade.

In today’s competitive and ever changing business environment, it’s essential to enhance your professional skills and stay updated on the latest tools of the trade. To excel in your industry, you need to not only master your own profession but also understand how other departments and sectors think and operate.
Below you will find interviews with some of our speakers including researchers, consultants and business professionals.
Shot and produced by Søren Pingel, Steven Tannenberg and Ulrik M. Eriksen.

Small Data

Interview with Martin Lindstrøm about discovering the tiny clues that uncover huge trends.

A Leader's Guide to Cybersecurity

Jack Domet on How to Manage your Company’s Cyber Risks

The Experience Economy

Joe Pine on Competing for Customer, Time, Attention and Money

The Three-Box Solution Playbook

Manish Tangri on Tools and Tactics for Creating Your Company’s Strategy

Can You Hear Me?

Nick Morgan on How to Connect with People in the Virtual World


Alex Lazarow on How Global Entrepreneurs Are Rewriting the Rules of Silicon Valley

What’s Your Problem?

Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg on how to Solve Your Toughest Problems

Marketing in a Turbulent Context

Mathew Sweezey on his new book The Context Marketing Revolution

Managing in a Downturn

Martin Reeves on How Companies Can Thrive During the Next Downturn

Master Your Next Move

Michael Watkins on What Most Companies Get Wrong About Onboarding

Innovation Capital

Curtis Lefrandt on How to Compete and Win Like the World’s Most Innovative Leaders

Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders?

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic on how to fix it

Leader's Handbook

The 6 Fundamental Skills Every Leader Should Practice

Reinventing Jobs

Ravin Jesuthasan on a 4-step Approach for Applying Automation to Work

Reinvent Your Business Model

Mark W. Johnson on How to Seize the White Space for Transformative Growth

The New CEO Activists

Aaron Chatterji on A Playbook for Polarized Political Times

The Overcommitted Organization

Heidi Gardner on How to Avoid Team Burnout

Leading Transformation

Presented by Dr. Thomas Ramsøy, Faculty Member at Singularity University

What’s Your Digital Business Model?

Presented by Stephanie Woerner, Research Scientist at MIT

Human + Machine

Presented by H. James Wilson, Managing Director of Accenture Research

Creating Great Choices

Presented by Roger L. Martin of the Rotman School of Management

How to Be Happy at Work

Senior Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania and best-selling author, Annie McKee, interviewed by Amy Gallo, Contributing Editor at Harvard Business Review, about her new book How to Be Happy at Work

Entrepreneurial You

Dorie Clark interviewed about her new book

Managing Across Cultures

Breaking Through The Invisible Boundaries of Global Business

Edge Strategy

A New Mindset for Profitable Growth

The Analytical Marketer

How to Transform Your Marketing Organization

Power Cues

The Subtle Science of Leading Groups, Persuading Others, and Maximizing Your Personal Impact

Sense & Respond

Sense & Respond – How Succesful Organizations Listen to Customers And Create New Products Continuously.

The Founder's Mentality

Interview with our keynote Chris Zook of Bain & Company about his new book.


Interview with Eddie Yoon about his new book Superconsumers published by Harvard Business Review Press.


Interview with professor David. S. Evans about the new economics of multisided platforms.

The Moment of Clarity

Mikkel Rasmussen of ReD Associates on using human sciences to solve your toughest business problems.